Investors are fools sometimes.
There's nothing worse than having a brief, designing to the brief and getting sign-off – Only to have some investor who believes he knows more about the web than you do, say that he doesn't want a vertical scroll-bar when he views the site.

It's a portal. It's dynamic. Content is added and deleted at any one time. It's going to have a scroll-bar whether you like it or not. Are people so lazy they cannot use nor understand the scroll-bar to their right? What if their browsers are configured with toolbars, of ANY possible configuration? Their browser window is therefore any possible height, and even at the same resolution, they will experience the scroll-bar.

What's even worse, is you are expected to fix this "problem" which isn't a problem, it's more stubbornness on behalf of the arrogant and ignorant. And because it's "your fault" (although

Wrong answer. Waste my time, pay the fine.
You wanted one of the best new media companies in Australia to create your web presence, you let them do their job, using their relatively infinite experience.


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