Fixing Windows XP HELPCTR.exe Error

May 5, 2006

I got this absolutely frustrating problem today in Windows XP, and it took me more than a few hours to find the cause. Darn Windows !

If you click "Help and Support" (Start > Run > Help & Support) and get "Windows cannot find HELPCTR.EXE" here's a possible solution to your problem.

  1. Start Regedit, by going Start > Run and typing "regedit" without quotes
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\HELPCTR.EXE
  3. If the key doesn't exist, right click and create the key : "HELPCTR.EXE" (sans quotes)
  4. Ensure the value is C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\HelpCtr.exe or create this value
  5. Reboot the machine and try again

Woot! Should be fixed! Yay!

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How to Find Out Who’s Linking You Using Google

May 5, 2006

Google is full of little goodies and toys to play with.One very simple tip that I used back in the Modblog days was to find out who was linking me across the web and pay them back the courtesy. This can also be done if the people linking you are in Technorati; but Google spiders the whole web, not just Technorati blogs.To find out who's linking you, go to Google. In the Web search field, type "link:" and see what happens. Simply replace the web address there with your own to find out who's linking you (well, since Google's last update) deep in the Internet chaos.

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The SEO Experiment: Part 1

May 4, 2006

After writing a plan and spending a long time working for a web company, the time has come to start my own niche market type site and optimise it for goodness (yes I do have a good deal of knowledge on how to do this). I do have a target market, although it is reasonably vague it is active and constantly growing. The issue is simply getting started.
The next stage is now finding a suitable host. Preferrably something like WordPress here, but more CMS-like, since I'm dealing more with metacontent – but still want the one clicl publishing ease of a blog. Also it will need to support PHP/MySQL (twin goddesses of web) and Mambo/Joomla! 1.0, be relatively inexpensive, have high uptime (most companies boast 99% these days), decent webspace (500+mb) and decent traffic limits (20gb a month should be fine to start).

It's well known that SEO does not work alone. Effectively, it's all to do with good, well written and organised content and information that gets visitors, much like a good book. I've seen sites with little optimization, not only rank well, but grow phenomenally in users and eventually sales, simply by the strength of their content.

In that light then, after finding a decent host, the  following stage will  need to be sitting down and creating content. This stage is continual and will need to proceed for the lifetime of the site, so it needs to be a dynamic and above all simple to get content written up and published – hence the need for a blog-like instant publishing system.

 Anyway, if your a webbie or know of some good hosts (I could use the company's reseller but I don't want to :D) please by all means go ahead.

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Funniest Ads Ever

May 4, 2006

Love these Terry Tate ads, funniest thing ever. Just what I need at work 🙂

Especially this one, almost cried over "pain cake"

Ahh, the magic that can be found in Google Video 😀

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Coffee Break Boredom

May 3, 2006

Ever just go to Google Image Search and type the first thing on your mind?

I did, here's the result of Blargh

Location here


May 3, 2006

Investors are fools sometimes.
There's nothing worse than having a brief, designing to the brief and getting sign-off – Only to have some investor who believes he knows more about the web than you do, say that he doesn't want a vertical scroll-bar when he views the site.

It's a portal. It's dynamic. Content is added and deleted at any one time. It's going to have a scroll-bar whether you like it or not. Are people so lazy they cannot use nor understand the scroll-bar to their right? What if their browsers are configured with toolbars, of ANY possible configuration? Their browser window is therefore any possible height, and even at the same resolution, they will experience the scroll-bar.

What's even worse, is you are expected to fix this "problem" which isn't a problem, it's more stubbornness on behalf of the arrogant and ignorant. And because it's "your fault" (although

Wrong answer. Waste my time, pay the fine.
You wanted one of the best new media companies in Australia to create your web presence, you let them do their job, using their relatively infinite experience.

No Design Options?

May 3, 2006 sure is limited; where's the design options? There's 0 CSS control that I can find anywhere. Blogs are too diverse to all wear the same coat.

And  I thought blogger sucked.